Dr. Koppiker
Breast Oncosurgeon and the Medical Director at Orchids Breast Health Center
Dr. Chaitanyanand B Koppiker is a Breast Oncosurgeon and the Medical Director at Orchids Breast Health Center. An Honorary Faculty and Asia Convener for Masters in Breast Oncoplasty Program at University of East Anglia, Dr. Koppiker is one of the pioneers of Breast Oncoplasty in India and has established the International School of Breast Oncoplasty in collaboration with the senior faculty of the Association of Breast Surgeons, UK and the University of East Anglia.

About Dr. Koppiker

He lead the establishment of the 1st integrated cancer center in the city namely the Budhrani Cancer Institute, at the Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital, Pune. He then helped set up 2 more reputed cancer centers as the Director of Ruby Hall Clinic Cancer Centerand Cancer Clinic and Research Center at Jehangir Hospital in Pune.
He has done the largest number of breast surgeries in the country; he has performed more than 2000 breast surgeries till date inclusive of more than 700 oncoplastic surgeries, above 200 breast reconstructions and above 750 sentinal node excisions.
He has established the only stand alone breast cancer center of affordable excellence in India- Orchids Breast Health Center. Orchids boasts of unparalleled facilities such as Full Field Digital Mammography with 3D Tomosynthesis, Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS), a 10 lounger chemotherapy day care, an oncopharmacy section, top oncologists and radiologists.
Dr. Koppiker is a pioneer of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery with Immediate Breast Reconstructive Surgery. This is the gold standard of treatment of breast cancer. This type of surgery involves immediate reconstruction of breasts as soon as the cancer is removed, by using the patient’s own fat tissue or implants like silica to restore the breasts. These new breasts provide a natural feel, are perky and are flexible with respect to size of the breasts. The reconstruction takes a very short time, is done immediately after the diseased breast is removed, with the same anesthesia and in a single sitting. This is an established international practice and Dr. Koppiker has been in the forefront to normalise this standard of treatment in India.

Dr. Chaitanyanand B. Koppiker

Pune, India | 09822674040 | koppiker@gmail.com

Current Appointments

Medical Director, Orchids Breast Health Clinic, Pune


Founding Medical Director and Managing Trustee, Prashanti Cancer Care Mission, Pune


Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of East Anglia, UK

2017- present

Regional Convenor (South Asia), University of East Anglia, Masters in Breast Oncoplasty

Program, Norwich, UK


Director, Prashanti Medical Research and Foundation, Pune


Consulting Breast Surgeon, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune


Consulting Oncosurgeon, Jehangir Hospital and Research Center, Pune


Consulting Breast Surgeon, Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, Mumbai


Visiting Faculty Member to University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK


Founder, International School of Oncoplastic Surgery, Pune


Faculty to the School Of Oncoplastic surgery Dallas US


Previous Appointments

Consultant, advisor and trainer for breast reconstruction to ‘MENTOR’- a division of

Johnson and Johnson Medical


Visiting Faculty to American Association of Breast Disease Oncoplasty Workshop


Chief Oncosurgeon and Head of Oncology Department, Jehangir Hospital, Pune


Director, Ruby Hall Cancer Center, Pune


Consulting Oncosurgeon and Head of Oncology Department, Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital,



Consulting Oncosurgeon, Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital, Pune


Consultant for Vacuum Assisted Biopsy (VAB), BARD


Associations/ Affiliations

  • Regional Director and Faculty Member, Mastership Program, East Anglia University, United Kingdom

  • Guest Speaker and Member, American Society of Breast Diseases

  • Affiliate Member, Societe International De Senologie (SIS), France

  • Lifetime Member, Indian Medical Association

  • Member, Association of Surgeons of India


    • First in India to perform Bilateral Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction for BRCA positive patients as prophylactic surgeries.

    • Have conducted more than 5000 surgeries with over 2000 oncoplastic surgeries, 300 breast reconstructions and 150 therapeutic mammoplasties.

  • Achieved a rate of 85% reconstruction in patients needing mastectomy, one of the highest in the world (best rate in the world is around 30-40%)

  • Established Prashanti Cancer Care Mission along with social workers and cancer survivors in 1996. The mission serves needs of over 5000 cancer patients annually. Spearheaded the screening program ‘Project SHODH’ that provides a 3-Tier solution to identify Breast and Cervical Cancer among thousands of women residing in and around the city of Pune, India. Through this project, more than 60000 women were sensitised and 6500 women were screened.

  • Established a state-of-the-art Breast clinic- Orchids Breast Health Clinic in Pune, India. The clinic is reputed as being the only one of its kind in Pune which provides effective diagnostic solutions including Digital Mammography with 3D Tomosynthesis and Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS). The ABVS facility is one of the first in the country and helps in cancer detection in younger patients (<50 years old). It also has pioneered the use of the Vacume Assisted Biopsy Device (VAB) since the last 10 years. One of the first in the country to use it and train several radiologists and surgeons throughout India

  • Established one-of-a-kind Risk Reduction and Genetic Clinic at Orchids Breast Health Centre, Pune

  • Organised over 13 workshops in the mast8 years with delegate participation of over 3500.

  • Brought 1st Integrated Cancer Care to Pune by establishing Cancer Facility at Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital, Pune (1993)

  • Established the first Mammography centre and a comprehensive Breast Unit which did the first Breast Conservation Surgery in Pune (1993)

  • Established the First Intra-operative Radiation facility in the state of Maharashtra, India

  • Helped in setting up Cancer Facility at two more hospitals in Pune- Jehangir Hospital in 2002 and Ruby Hall Clinic in 2005

  • Established Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital in 1996 only the third facility in India of the time.

Surgical Expertise and Innovations

(Breast Diagnostics and Oncoplastic Surgery)

  • Pioneered the concept of ‘single stage immediate breast reconstruction with expandable prosthesis’ in India. Have done more than 300 such surgeries till date

  • Incorporated all cosmetic breast surgical procedures in practice to the benefit of breast cancer patients and developed proficiency in procedures such as breast reduction, breast augmentation and nipple-areola reconstruction. Have done more than 2000 such surgeries till date

  • First in India to introduce procedures such as  Breast Conserving Surgery, Oncoplastic Surgery, Sentinel Node Biopsy, Mammotome, Vacuum Assisted Biopsy, etc.

  • Performed and established protocol for conservative breast cancer surgeries since 1994; was the first in Pune and one of the first pioneers in the country to adopt this procedure

  • One of the first surgeons to perform Sentinel Node Biopsy in the country

  • Established procedures for management of non-palpable lesions of breast for the first time in 1995, again one of the pioneers to adopt the procedures

  • Performed more than 5000 breast surgeries till date inclusive of more than 2000  oncoplastic surgeries, above 300 breast reconstructions & above over a 1000 sentinal node excisions

  • Provided personal one-to-one training to plastic surgeons and breast surgeons in India

(Areas other than Breast Surgery)

  • Pioneered several surgical procedures in 1990’s such as Liver Cryotherapy, Radiofrequency Ablation(RFA) and  Hepatic artery catheterization for liver tumors. Was the only surgeon in India to do Cryosurgery.

  • First in India to establish vascular access team using long-term venous access techniques in 1994. Conducted numerous workshops in India on the same

  • Established with fellow radiotherapists ‘Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation Protocol’, one of the first such programs in India presented at RSNA, Chicago

  • Performed several low anterior resections on liver and conducted multiple workshops on Stapler Surgery

  • Been a principal investigator in several international trials (kindly check the attached annexure)


Times Of India award as “Health Icon” for Pune for excellence in Breast Care


Recognition of Breast Research Unit at Orchids Breast Health Centre by Council

of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India


Citadel Honor for outstanding contribution in the field of medicine in Pune, India


Rotary Citations for Excellence in Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment


Nominated as one of the ten citizens in Pune for the title ‘PUNE HEROES’ by Pune

Mirror, a leading newspaper by Times Group


Remarkable achievement award by the Lavasa city for social work


Citation from Kanara Saraswat Association, Bombay for exemplary community service


Citadel Honours for ‘Outstanding contribution in the field of Medicine in Pune City’



Masters in Surgery (M.S.) – B.J. Medical College, Pune, India


Fellowship in Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai


Fellowship in Breast Oncology, St. George Hospital, Sydney


Fellowship in Liver and Breast Oncology, St. George Hospital, Sydney


Fellowship in Breast Oncoplastic Surgery, Marien Hospital Cancer Centre, Dusseldorf, Germany under Prof. Audretsch


Fellowship in Breast USG and Mammotome, Seoul, South Korea


Visiting Surgical Fellowship at Chelmsford Plastic Surgery Unit with Prof. Ramakrishnan




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  1. A phase II study of sequential neoadjuvant gemcitabine plus doxorubicin followed by gemcitabine plus cisplatin in patients with operable breast cancer: prediction of response using molecular profiling.

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  • Medico-social interventions to reduce Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Pune cityRole: PI

    Surgical outcomes of all the reconstructions done till date and the protective effect of the

    Sling surgery for reconstruction against radiotherapy

    Surgical outcomes of the various Oncoplastic surgeries done till date with its effect in QOL

    as well as efficacy

    Genetic analysis of Breast Cancer in Indian BC patientsRole: PI

    Novel herbal formulation as therapeutic adjuvants in cancer chemotherapy and

    radiation therapy

    Role: Co-PI
    Psycho-oncology studies on Indian women undergoing Breast Oncoplastic SurgeryRole: PI
    Development of novel polymer-coated breast implantsRole: Co-PI


International and National Conference/ Workshops


  • Keynote Speaker for MS in Oncoplastic Surgery Part 2 course conducted at the James-Paget Hospital organised by University of East Angila, U.K. Addressed on Implant Dermal Sling Reconstruction

  • Faculty and speaker at the School of Oncoplastic surgery workshop at Dallas – Spoke on my experiences in Oncoplasty towards development of an Oncoplastic Mastership Program.

  • Spoke at the faculty Meeting of the East Anglia University

  • Faculty and speaker at the Annual conference organized by the Rajeev Gandhi Institute Delhi.

  • Performed a live surgery- reconstruction  in the above conference

  • Faculty and speaker at the ASOMACON organized by NCI India, AIIMS and Safdarjung hospital

  • Live surgical demonstration at the ASOMACON 2017

  • Faculty at the 9th UAE Cancer Congress 2017 Held in Dubai 2017

  • Faculty at the JIC (Joint International Conference) organised by the Gujarat State Surgeon Association and the Gujarat State Chapter of ASI

  • Poster presentation on ‘Immediate Breast Reconstruction Surgery Using Implants and Autologous Lower Dermal Sling Procedure May Mitigate Radiation Therapy Complications’, 15th St. Gallen’s International Breast Cancer Conference 2017, Vienna

  • Organiser, International Symposium on Breast Cancer Research in collaboration with Markey cancer Centre, University of Kentucky, USA

  • Organiser, Workshop on Cancer Immunotherapy, Pune


    • Faculty and Organizer of the 3rd  Indo U.K workshop on Oncoplastic Surgery of the International School of Oncoplastic Surgery, Pune, India

    • Organiser, Workshop on Clinical Research and Medical Regulations, Pune

    • UAE Cancer Congress organized by Government of Dubai and Dubai Health Authority- participated in Debate ‘Population based Breast Cancer Screening’ speaking for the motion, Dubai

    • Presented a lecture on ‘Need for Translational Research’ at the workshop on Clinical Research and Medical Regulations at IISER, Pune, India

    • Guest lecture on ‘Oncoplastic Surgery’ conference organized by AONEI and ASA, Guwahati, India

    • National Faculty ‘Prophylactic Mastectomy :When & How’ 3rd Indian Genetics Cancer Conference & Workshop (ICGCCW) organized by Actrec in collaboration with Indo-UK Genetic Forum, Cardiff University and Welcome Trust

    • Guest Faculty at 9th CCH International Breast Cancer Conference, Taiwan

  • Presented on Vacuum Assisted Biopsy, 1st BARD APAC Biopsy Forum, Taiwan

  • Faculty, 6th Asia Genomic Forum, Japan

  • Guest Lecture on Oncoplastic Breast Surgery at 15th Shaukatkhanum Cancer Symposium, Lahore, Pakistan

  • Guest Speaker at BRASCON 2016, presented on Therapeutic mammoplasty and Breast Reconstruction, Jaipur, India

  • Guest Speaker, presented Surgical videos on Therapeutic Mammoplasty and Oncoplastic techniques at NATCON organised by Indian Association of Surgical Oncology(IASO ), Jodhpur, India

  • Invited for a lecture on ‘Breast Surgery after Neoadjuvant Therapy’ at Controversies in Clinical Oncology – Tata Medical Centre, Calcutta, India

  • Guest Faculty, presented on ‘Should Management of Breast Cancer in Cancer Mutation be Different’ at Navigating Clinical Conundrums in Breast Cancer: MOA-HCF-ESO Breast Cancer Conference jointly organised by Mumbai Oncology Group and European School of Oncology, Mumbai, India

  • Guest Lecture on Therapeutic Mammoplasty, Gujarat Breast Meet, Ahmedabad, India

  • Guest Speaker, presented on the Importance of Cosmesis in Breast Conservation Surgery, MASECON 2016 at the 30th Annual Conference of Association of Surgeons of India, Kolhapur, India

  • Keynote Speaker for MS in Oncoplastic Surgery Part 2 course conducted at the James-Paget Hospital organised by University of East Angila, U.K. Addressed on Implant Dermal Sling Reconstruction, England

  • Trainer for hands-on training workshop on Therapeutic Mammoplasty that followed SPD Oncoplastic Surgery Course 2016, University of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K.

  • Presented a poster on Radiation Outcome following Immediate Breast Reconstruction with Lower Dermal Sling at BCC Breast Cancer Co-ordinated Care, Washington D.C., U.S.

  • Speaker at the Indo-UK Forum on Breast Diseases, Manchester, U.K.

  • Attended Conference organised by Association of Breast Surgeon of UK, Manchester, U.K.


  • Faculty and Organizer of the 2nd Indo U.K workshop on Oncoplastic Surgery of the International School of Oncoplastic Surgery, Pune, India

  • Faculty, conducted Live Surgery Workshop at 5th International Breast Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery Conference (BRASCON), Jaipur, India

  • Guest lecture on Surgical Strategies for Breast Cancer in the Indian Scenario at MASICON-27th Annual Conference of Association of Surgeons of Indian, Nagpur, India

  • Faculty, moderator of the panel discussion on anti HER-2 therapy in the Neoadjuvant and Metastatic setting at the UAE Cancer Conference, Dubai

  • Trainer for hands-on training workshop on Therapeutic Mammoplasty that followed SPD Oncoplastic Surgery Course 2015, UEA , Norwich, U.K.


  • Faculty and Organizer of the 1st  Indo U.K workshop on Oncoplastic Surgery of the International School of Oncoplastic Surgery, Pune, India

  • Faculty, conducted and moderated a Panel discussion along with International Faculty on Oncoplastic Surgery at Annual Apollo Cancer Conclave held at Hyderabad, India

  • Faculty and Program Director for the Global Oncology Update by East Oncology Group; conducted Workshop on Oncoplastic Surgery and Breast Reconstruction under the aegis of International School of Oncoplastic Surgery at the 2nd  Annual Oncocon organised by the East Oncology Group, Patna, India

  • Faculty for the conference and live demonstration on Oncoplatic surgery at the 1st JIPMER Oncoplastic Breast Surgery conference (JOBS) at Pondicherry, India

  • Faculty, conducted Live Surgery Workshop at 4th International Breast Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery Conference (BRASCON), Bangalore, India

  • Paper presentation on ‘Therapeutic mammoplasty’, 5th International Breast Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery Conference (BRASCON), Jaipur, India

  • Faculty, E-tutoring Weekend of the Mastership Program by University of East Anglia, Novotel Birmingham, England, U.K.

  • Faculty, presented on Contralateral Breast/ therapeutic mammoplasty at Advances in Breast Cancer-2014 Symposium jointly organized by Indian Cancer Society, Tata Memorial hospital (WCI) and GOKARMA Oncology Association, Goa, India

  • Faculty, conducted panel discussion on Management of Early Breast Cancer at MIDCON organized by Indian Association of Surgical Oncologists (IASO), Kolhapur, India

  • Attended Breast Cancer Co-ordinated Care Conference (BC3) on Radiation Outcome Following Immediate Breast Reconstruction with Lower Dermal Sling, Washington D.C., U.S.

  • Faculty, ABSICON, Calcutta, India

  • Faculty, 9th SFO – International Conference of SAARC Federation of Oncologists


  • Organiser, Breast Cancer Awareness Symposium, Pune

  • Poster presentation on ‘Oncoplastic Surgery in a community-based practice in India’, ORBS meeting dedicated to Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Surgery -2013, Nottingham

  • Faculty and organizer of live workshop on Breast reconstruction and Mammoplasty techniques along with Prof. Hilton Becker, Pune, India

  • Faculty and Guest Lecture at the Annual Conference Nagpur Association of Oncologists, Nagpur, India


  • Faculty and Guest speaker at Oncoplasty Workshop by the American Society of Breast Diseases at Dallas, U.S.

  • Faculty and Guest speaker at the Oncoplastic Workshop at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India

  • Faculty of Breast Reconstruction Workshop, demonstrated surgeries along with Prof. Khoo from England at Jehangir Hospital and Research Centre, Pune, India

  • Faculty and Guest Lecture on Becker Reconstruction at Sri Gangaram Hospitals update on Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery of the Breast, New Delhi, India

  • Attended ‘Breast cancer: Oncologic and Reconstructive Surgery – an interactive course with live surgery’, European School of Oncology, Milan, Italy


  • Organiser, Breast Cancer Awareness Symposium, Pune

  • Faculty and guest speaker at the Oncoplasty Workshop by American Society of Breast Diseases workshop, Dallas. Lectured on “Incorporating Oncoplastic Techniques in Breast surgery”

  • Attended “The Breast Course” conducted by the European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC), Turkey

  • Presented on “Multimodal Treatment of Liver Cancer – our initial experience” at the XVth Asia-Pacific Cancer Conference, Chennai, India


  • Faculty and guest speaker at the Oncoplasty workshop at Dallas at the American Society of Breast Diseases Workshop. Lectured on “Incorporating oncoplastic techniques in Practice” and was part of the panel discussion


  • Organiser, Breast Cancer Symposium, Pune

  • Faculty at the Oncoplastic Surgery Workshop in Tata Memorial hospital, Mumbai. Video demonstration on breast reduction surgery as a part of oncoplastic procedures.

  • Attended Breast Oncoplastic Surgery Workshop, Nottingham, U.K.

  • Faculty and guest speaker at the Oncoplasty Workshop by American Society of Breast Diseases workshop, Dallas, U.S.


  • Faculty – ‘Surgical Management of Breast Cancer’ organised by Indian Medical Association, Pune, India

  • Faculty and guest speaker at the Oncoplasty Workshop by American Society of Breast Diseases workshop, Dallas, U.S.

  • Attended ‘Speciality Skills in Oncoplastic and Breast Reconstruction Surgery’, the Royal College of Surgeons of England, London, U.K.

  • Attended ‘International Breast Ultrasound: Multimodality Imaging and Interventional  Techniques, University of Ferrara, Italy

  • Attended ‘The 6th European Breast Cancer Conference’ (EBCC-6), Berlin, Germany

  • Attended Breast Oncoplastic Surgery Workshop, Nottingham, U.K.

  • Presented at ‘Non-medical Aspects of Cancer”, Cipla Cancer Palliative Care And Training Centre, Pune, India


  • Faculty – “Psychosocial Oncology: An Emerging Paradigm in Cancer Care”, Pune, India


  • ‘Breast Cancer Speciality Forum’ (BCSF) Nottingham, England

  • Attended the 8th Milan Breast Cancer Conference, Milan, Italy

  • Breast Cancer: Oncologic and Reconstructive Surgery’ – an Interactive course with Live Surgery, Milan, Italy

  • Attended ‘An intensive course on Breast Ultrasound and Mammotome Biopsy’ Seoul, Korea

  • Attended ‘Simulated Training on Proximate Staplers’, Mumbai, India

  • Attended ‘Simulated Training on Basic Laparoscopic surgery’, Mumbai, India

  • Attended ‘Asia Pacific Breast Cancer Summit’, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  • Attended ‘9th International Conference Primary Therapy of Early Breast Cancer’, St. Gallen, Switzerland


  • Faculty– Hepatic Artery Infusional Chemotherapy workshop organised by Oncology Society, Ahmedabad, India

  • Presented at “Cancer Burden” Global Alliance Health Challenges, Pune, India


  • Faculty – Radiofrequency Ablation of Liver tumors – Live demonstration under the auspices of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology at Ahmedabad organised by the Oncology group, India

  • “Multimodal Treatment of Liver Cancer” – talk given to IMA and Society of Gastroenterology,  Madurai, India


  • Hepatic Arterial Chemotherapy for Liver Tumors – Organised by the Oncology Dept. of St. John Hospital, Bangalore for the Oncology Society, Bangalore, India

  • Guest Lecture on “Ablative Therapies for Liver Cancer” delivered to the Bombay Oncology Group at the Inaugural function, Mumbai, India


  • Presented on “Ablative techniques in Liver Cancer”- our experience at the ISMPO conference, Pune, India


  • Faculty – Management of liver tumours through Cryotherapy technique – Live Demonstration with Prof. Morris

  • Faculty – Vascular Access workshop, M.N.Budhrani Cancer Institute, Pune, India


  • Faculty – Live demonstration of ‘Long Term Vascular Access-Demonstration of Venous and Arterial Cauterization technique’ at Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi, India

  • Guest lecture on “Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Breast Cancer” at the XXXIV Annual State Conference of the Indian Medical Association, Pune, India


  • Presented on “Screening for Breast Cancer-Our early results” at the International Cancer Congress at New Delhi, India


  • Presented on “Observations in Node negative Breast cancer” at the 5th National Cancer Conference of the Indian Association of Surgical Oncology



Cancer Support and Social Activities


Founder and Trustee of Prashanti Cancer Care Mission, a public charitable trust established in 1995 with a mission to provide financial, emotional and psychosocial support to people suffering from cancer by providing treatment, counselling and fostering support group activities.

The mission also provides concessional treatment to needy and deprived patients with the best of facilities and quality treatment.

It regularly organizes outreach activities for cancer awareness and sensitization such as cancer detection camps, public meeting, exhibitions, paper articles and hand-outs within the city as well as in the outskirts of Pune.

The mission has established a mobile breast clinic on wheels, a novel concept in India, which takes Breast Care Services such as Clinical Breast Examination, Breast Cancer Screening and Mammography to the doorsteps of women in the community. The services are provided either free of cost or at discounted rates.


Organised a Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening project in Pune wherein more than 60000 women were senstised and 6500 women were screened.


PCCM has organized a marathon dedicated to creating Breast Cancer Awareness for the 3 consecutive years in the past with participation of over 5000 people each year.


Regularly conducts Cancer Awareness lectures at various Rotary Clubs, women’s associations, schools, community health programs, etc. Conducted more than 100 talks till date.


Established a Breast Health Centre with the help of another NGO in Ratnagiri, India. The centre provides expertise in breast diagnostics and personnel training to deliver quality Breast Health Services through regular visits and online training.


“The incidences of breast and cervical cancer are alarmingly on the rise in India with cases being detected across ages, socio-economic and urban-rural strata everyday.
Recent statistics indicate high prevalence of breast cancer in India, with 1 in 22 women around the age of 45 years affected in urban areas and 1 in 60 in rural areas. Cervical cancer is highly common in women from rural areas (1 in 15 women) as compared to urban women (1 in 80 women).
The average age of women being affected by cancer in India has also decreased, with women in their 30’s and 40’s falling prey to it. However, lack of awareness in women about symptoms of the disease, screening modalities, self-examination and routine mammographic screenings leads to delay in diagnosis and treatment. Unlike in developed countries where breast cancer cases are detected in stages I and II, in India they are detected in the late stages III and IV. Also, the mortality rate is higher in India than in the developed countries.
Our vision is to raise awareness around breast cancer and effectively counter these issues in India and provide extensive care to any woman in need of our assistance.

The Gold Standard of treatment of Breast Cancer is a multimodal approach. The Gold Standard, as far as surgery is concerned, is being as conservative as possible, with scarless procedures and surgeries that actually improve the cosmetic outcomes. Another important Gold Standard is to reduce the amount and extent of surgery for the breast as well as for the axilla. This is the surgical Gold Standard. Otherwise, the Gold Standard of treatment as a whole is about a multimodal approach; which means you do minimal surgery, only when required. According to the patient, chemotherapy or radiation therapy can be carried out where indicated. It is also necessary to establish excellent protocols that reduce the risk of side effects.”