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  • Orchids Breast Health Clinic (OBHC) is perhaps India's first dedicated Breast Center for hi-tech diagnosis and treatment of Breast Cancer
  • Advanced imaging modalities such as 2D Full-field Digital Mammography with 3D Tomosynthesis, automated breast volume scanner, precision biopsy with vacuum-guided and stereotactic devices and sentinel node
  • 12 bed chemotherapy day care which also provides diet counselling, psychological counselling, lymphedema clinic and physiotherapy for Breast Cancer patients
  • Global trends in Breast Cancer surgery indicate paradigm-shift from conventional breast removal surgery (i.e., mastectomy) to breast reconstruction (i.e., Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, OBS).
  • OBS allows restoration of breast shape and improves quality of life in BC patients.
  • Dr. Koppiker received advance training in Europe from the founders of this discipline and is now well-recognised as one of the pioneers of this technique in India.
  • Training Institute for young surgeons interested in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery established by Orchids Breast Health Clinic (OBHC) in association with Senior Surgeon Faculty of University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
  • Hands-on training workshops by Dr. Koppiker at many medical centers in India and abroad
  • Annual Indo-British Advanced Master Class in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery and Breast Cancer Symposium well-attended by over 300 oncology professionals from Europe and Southeast Asian countries.
  • Non-academic research centres in India are under direct purview of Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, GoI
  • Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO) status awarded by DSIR based on the content and quality of the active research program
  • PCCM conferred with this prestigious SIRO status in 2015, which enables special recognition for tax benefits, access to GoI research funding and academic collaborations.
  • NCG of India Research Consortium was established by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in collaboration with US National Institutes of Health (National Cancer Institute) and UK Medical Research Council. Entry to NCG is based on clinical and research profile of cancer centers across India
  • PCCM inducted into NCG in 2015, thereby opening the possibilities of national and international collaborations in cancer research.

Prashanti Cancer Care Mission

Initiatives in Cancer Education , Training and Research

Capacity Building via Education and Training 

  1. Training of onco-clinicians in domain-specific training programs
  2. Establishment of the M.Ch. ( Breast Oncoplasty) Training program in association with University of East Anglia , Norwich , UK. Over 55 breast surgeons from India , Bangaldesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia , Maldives have enrolled
  3. Training of onco-clinicians in Molecular Oncology concepts in clinical practice
  4. CTCR and US National Cancer Institute co-organised the 1st ever conference and workshop themed on 'The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)'in India. This event was attended by over 300 onco-professionals from various disciplines related to cancer research.
  5. In continuation of this effort ,the next TCGA workshop will be held on Sept 12-16, 2020 at IISER Pune.

Translational Cancer Research 

  1. Establishment of Centre of Translational Research (CTCR) , a joint initiative between PCCM and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER)Pune which is a premier national research institute .
  2. Research projects in breast cancer epidemiology, community health, novel breast imaging techniques, genetics, molecular biology, innovations in breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy, exploring Ayurvedic interventions in cancer. 
  3. Collaborations with material scientists for better implant design for breast implants used in Breast Oncoplastic surgery. 
  4. Research themes focused on Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) etiology which is highly prevalent cancer in Indian women. 
  5. Establishment of TNBC cohort and biobank ( FFPE tissue bank)
  6. Investigation of somatic and germline mutation profiling of Indian TNBCs
  7. Investigation of heterogeneity and sub-types in Indian TNBCs
  8. Study of influence of gut microbiome on risk of hormonal breast cancers
  9. Establishment of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for breast radiology research.
  10. Collaboration with US NCI for exploring the establishment of a Indian Cancer Genome Database .

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