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Rakshinda Ansari

I don't think of myself as a survivor, but instead as a winner.
When I was detected with breast cancer, I was devastated, but it was a wake up call where I realized that if I recovered I have to lead my life to the fullest, discover my potential, make real what I only dreamt of until then.
Luckily for me, I was in the care of a compassionate doctor and his team. After my surgery, chemo and radiation, I lost no time in turning my passion into a profession.

As I also wanted other women to be as fortunate as I have been, I joined Prashanti Cancer Care Mission to spread breast cancer awareness. I have made loads of friends via this platform that has filled my life with positivity and purpose.

Being a trained pastry chef, I went from a housewife to entrepreneur when I launched XOXO Desserts. The goal was to put my New York training into good use and add joy to people’s celebrations.

Besides baking, I got into physical activities, touched base with loads of old friends and let them know what they meant to me.
Now I look at every situation in a non-judgmental way and empathize with people.

An incredible life altering journey over the last five years has made me appreciate life - I am not a victim to cancer. I have won over cancer... and over my life. I am a true winner.

It was a frightening and a life altering day in the June of 2010 when I was told that I had breast cancer. Dr. Koppiker systematically laid out the procedure of treatment that would follow, and assured me that we had caught the cancer at an early stage. This had happened because I was aware of a change in my body and I did not delay my visit to a specialist. I was comforted to know that I was in very good hands and was being treated by one of the best in the field. With that assurance, a positive mindset and an unwavering family support, I went through the surgery and many rounds of chemotherapy.


It was tough, but through it all I managed to keep a very positive outlook and as far as possible to lead a normal lifestyle. At the one year anniversary of being cancer free, I decided to mark my victory by getting really fit and running a full marathon. I trained really hard and ran the 42 kms marathon successfully. Fitness and health became, and still are, of paramount priority in my life. I want to thank Dr. Koppiker and his team for being my constant companions through this amazing journey.


When I discovered a breast lump, I thought that it could be because of clogging of the milk as it had happened earlier while breastfeeding my child. But on examination, my doctor advised me to go for a sonography to investigate it further. However, after my husband’s death, I had 2 children and my mother-in-law to take care of and our financial condition was not good. I borrowed money from others for my sonography and after looking at the report I was told that the lump looked serious. Since they knew my financial condition, I was advised to meet Dr. Koppiker for further treatment. At the clinic, all my investigations including mammography, sonomammography and biopsy were conducted free of cost. When I was told that I am suffering from cancer, I was deeply disturbed and confused about my future.

I knew I would not be able to afford the treatment and at the same time, I had a family to take care of. But because of Dr. Koppiker, the expenses of my surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were taken care of. Sir is just like a God to me and it is because of him that I recovered soon. After my treatment, Laleh Madam hired me as a staff at Prashanti Cancer Care Mission. Not only did I get my health and my life back, but today I am able to support my family financially and emotionally because of Sir and Madam. I will be forever indebted to both of them.

I was diagnosed with 4th stage metastatic breast cancer in May 2015. During the initial shock and panic, I got myself admitted to another hospital in Pune where the doctors insisted I should go in for a port and aggressive chemotherapy without waiting for the full biopsy results. I checked myself out and came to Dr. Koppiker for a second opinion. What an emotional relief I got by his calming words. He said, ‘There is urgency, but no emergency! Let all test results come. Take your time, get other opinions if you wish to and start when you are ready’.


When the treatment protocol was finalized, I visited a few other hospitals before deciding to have the chemotherapy at Orchid’s. Dr. Koppiker’s and Dr. Deshmukh’s presence was a big factor of course, but the ‘non-hospital’ ambiance, the cheerful and friendly staff and the super efficient, deft-handed Brother George tipped the balance irrevocably in Orchid’s favour. I am glad about the decision! The day care administration of the chemotherapy on a comfortable recliner goes like a breeze. Today is the 38th IV administration of my chemotherapy and that too without having to use a port!


Every single day I am thankful that I have Dr. Koppiker in my life. According to me he is 'God' on earth, and Laleh an 'Angel' on earth. I couldn't think of a better doctor to be with and the entire team at ‘Orchid’s Breast Clinic’. It feels like you are a part of their family in their care.

I have encouraged my friends and family to go at ‘Orchid’s’ for an evaluation because I trust Dr. Koppiker 100%! Dr. Koppiker's positive approach and care has made me feel that cancer is a temporary disease. It is curable and I am going to be o.k. I had stage III ovarian cancer and I beat it and am now leading a happy, cancer free life. All this was possible only and only because of Dr. Koppiker and his team!” “For me, Doctor is God...helped beat stage III cancer.