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Very cooperative and professional staff. My sincere gratitude to Dr. Koppiker and all the staff of orchids for their round the clock service to the needy in their time of distress when patients are most in need of their support. Thank you all for always keeping me very positive and counselling me throughout my treatment which kept me very relaxed during my chemotherapy procedure

Evelyn Woodhouse
Yoganandini Vishwanath

All staff is co-operative and give good service. This is not a hospital but a day picnic spot. Very friendly nature of staff. As a patient I won't feel I'm sick. Dr. Koppiker and Dr. Deshmukh Sir also give good suggestions and decision. Hospital is like home where good service is provided.

Treatment given here is very comfortable and relaxing. All the staff members here are very polite and co-operative. Excellent atmosphere specially Dr. Deshmukh Sir is very friendly makes you feel relaxed and also George Sir is also very cooperative.

Anita Suhas Hangargekar
Audumber Shreedhar Gaud

आदरणीय, ओर्चिड्स हॉस्पिटल आणि ब्रेस्ट केयर माझी मिस्सेसला जेव्हा कळले कि आपल्याला ब्रेस्ट कॅन्सर आहे, त्या वेळेस आम्ही प्रशांत कोडारी सरांकडे गेलो त्यांनी आम्हाला डॉ. कोप्पीकर सरांचा पत्ता दिला. सरानी तपासून ऑपेरेशन करण्याचा सल्ला दिला. आम्ही नवीन असल्यामुळे सौ. स्मिता मॅडम ने आम्हाला योग्य मार्गदर्शन केले. त्यांचा मी आभारी आहे. त्या नंतर केमो थेरपी करण्याचा सल्ला डॉ. कोप्पीकर आणि डॉ. चेतन देशमुख सरानी दिला, त्या प्रमाणे आम्ही केमो घेत आहोत. केमो थेरपी हॉल मध्ये श्रीयुत जॉर्ज सरानी सुद्धा योग्य मार्गदर्शन करून केमो केले. इथे केमो घेत असल्यामुळे आम्हला हॉप्सिताल मध्ये असल्यासारखे वाटत नाही. येथील सर्व स्टाफ , आपले काम योग्य करून , पेशंट व पेशंटच्या नातेवाईकांबरोबर आदराने वागवतात. (रिसेपशनिस्ट , मेडिकल स्टाफ, सिस्टर्स , मावशी ). मी परत एकदा डॉ. कोप्पीकर सर आणि डॉ. चेतन देशमुख सर व सर्व स्टाफ चा ऋणी आहे.

Dr. Koppiker is the best doctor for breast cancer. Orchid staff is very supportive

Shashikala Javanjal
Kunda Naik

This place does not feel like hospital. Staff out over here is very co-operative and friendly. They take good care of the patient just like their family member

All staff members are very good and helpful. Service offered is very good. Dr. Koppiker Sir is like a family member. He always gives good suggestions and is very helpful.

Sarita Singh
Archana Avinash Joshi

कैंसर हे नाव ऐकल की मनात प्रचंड भीति बसलेली असते आणि तो आजार आपल्याला झाला आहे हे समजल्यावर मनाची अवस्था झाली ती न सांगण्यापालिकडे ची होती. खूपच भीति होती. पण जेव्हा डॉ. चेतन देशमुख सरांच्या बरोबर पहिल्यांदा बोलले , त्यांनी त्याबद्द्लची भीति मनातून काढून टाकली. सगळे सकारात्मक विचार करायला सांगितले. कीमो थेरपी बद्दल माहिती देऊन कमित कमी त्रास होईल त्याबद्दल शाश्वती दिली आणि घडलेही तसेच मला केमो घेताना पहिल्यांदा, भीति वाटली नाही. नंतर ८ केमो कधी संपले हे समजले नाही. हे सगळे चेतन देशमुख सरांच्या सकारत्मक विचार सरणीमुळे घडले. आर्किड मधील स्टाफ देखील खुप चांगला आहे. जॉर्ज ब्रदर, स्मिता सिस्टर ह्यांचे मला खुप चांगले सहकार्य मिळाले . वेळोवेळी हसून, खेळून केमो घेताना वातावरण हलकफुलक करत असतात. त्यामुळे पेशेंट्स ना त्याचा खुप उपयोग होतो. त्यांनी खूपच चांगले सहकार्य केले. ऑर्किड्स मधील सर्वांची मी नेहमी ऋणी असेन.

Staff is kind and helping personally take care of patient. Dr. Koppiker and Dr. Deshmukh explains treatment process nicely. Chemotherapy day care is also nice staff. It is why second time occurrence of cancer, I came here again for treatment because of good treatment and nice staff behavior. I appreciate everyone for their work and good wishes for keep doing the good work

Shashikala S. Mudholkar
Sheela Ganpule

Everyone is very helpful and courteous. Very personalized and quick service.

On behalf of my other Mrs. Vibha Soni, I want to thank Dr. Koppiker Sir for his attention and support that he gave to my mother’s treatment. We were not aware about my mother’s treatment procedure but ‘Orchids’ staff helped us well. They supported and still they are supporting on various aspects of treatment, such as timely reporting, monitoring, observation, quick support whenever I call to hospital. Orchids staff is always dedicated to patient’s treatment. One more point I would like to add, the treatment cost is affordable and pocket friendly for us

Ms. Vibha Soni
Jaswir jangra/Reshma

I(Reshma) on behalf of my mother would like to thank Dr. Koppiker and all the staff for their help, coordination, and support. Thanks to Dr. Deshmukh and George. Special mention for George, he is extremely supportive, kind, and caring

Treatment was very effective and good. All staff members are very caring and have good behaviour towards patients. As far as we are concerned, we are very satisfied..

Ms. Reeta James
Ms. Poornima Nagapurkar

Dr. Koppiker and Dr. Deshmukh are experts in the field of cancer treatment. At Prashanti Cancer Care Mission, the facility of day care treatment is very good. Patient is in safe hands. Staff is well experienced and very good at handling daycare unit. We felt confident when underwent the chemo treatment. We wish speedy recovery of every patient under their guidance.

Getting to know that you have breast cancer is the heartbreaking experience but thank God who reached me at Orchids Breast Cancer Clinic at right time, under right doctors and right time. From day 1, when I came to see the doctors, I was scared but once I met doctors and entire staff of clinic, I was confident that I will be fit and fine and go back to home. I am from Dt. Nashik. Soon I will go back and meet my family. Thank you so much. I don’t have words to thank you all the doctors and clinic staff.

Meghna Wadhwa

I would like to thank Dr. Koppiker and Dr. Chetan Deshmukh and their entire staff for taking care of me. The service provided at orchids is incredible and trustworthy. Staff in orchids work as an amazing team which helps the patient get concept and timely follow up.

Initially with the shock of mental stress, Dr. C.B. Koppiker sir guided with all due care and patience. Hats off to his skills with communicating the things, though life threatening the disease may feel for us. Dr. Chetan Deshmukh Sir also guided with the treatment and its effects, physical as well as mental/psychological. Staff at Orchids Clinic is very kind and helping with counselling of patient. Specially Smita Sister and Vandana Madam. We, all family really feel lucky enough to get treatment from Dr. Koppiker Sir and that too without any fear. Thank you all.

Mranal Vivek Rudrawar
Vaishali Mayur Joshi

First of all thanks to Orchid. Dr. Koppiker and Dr. Deshmukh both are great. All staff is very caring. Day care facility is also very good. Its homely surrounding. Receptionist, nurses & George brother all of them are very cooperative

On 29th June I was diagnosed with left side breast cancer. Whole family was in a big shock until we met Dr. Koppiker. From the first visit and Sir’s kind nature made a positive change in me. I accepted my disease and looking forward to get out of it. Now my 4 major chemotherapy sessions are over and started with weekly chemos but due to cooperation and support of my family and Orchids family I am feeling very positive. Special thanks to Dr. Koppiker Sir, Dr. Chetan Deshmukh Sir, George Sir, Smita Ma’am for taking care of all the patients as their relatives. Thanks a lot to all!

Ms. Shalaka R Gangakhedekar
Vaishali Mayur Joshi

First of all thanks to Orchid. Dr. Koppiker and Dr. Deshmukh both are great. All staff is very caring. Day care facility is also very good. Its homely surrounding. Receptionist, nurses & George brother all of them are very cooperative

As I am going through a tough phase of my life. Now this Orchid Breast Health Clinic is a part of my life’s tough phase. Sometimes one little assurance make you feel better and that I definitely found in all the doctors, sisters, brother and supporting staffs. They make me feel relax and with their support. I feel that everything is okay and with okay means everything will fall in place. At the beginning me and my husband were insecure about doing chemotherapy here but now we are satisfied that we took the right decision. Thanking all of them.

Minti Dhanuke
Ms. Manali Atul Lunkad

Getting to know that you have Breast Cancer is a heart breaking experience. I was completely shattered and was lost in many many thoughts. At this time of life, we need a team that can hold your hand and take your through the cancer. I met Dr. Koppiker and Laleh ma’am. They are more than anything I could ask for. Koppiker Sir is my God father. He is come into my life like n agel. His confidence and poise is superb. His knowledge is better than most of his cotempories and he is a gem of a person. I feel very safe and secure with him. Laleh ma’am is an amazing person. She can understand what exactly is going on in the patient’s mind. She is extremely caring and loving and I truly love the beautiful couple. My entire experience of surgery was extremely smooth and I did not even realise I had gone through something so big Dhar Sir was also energetic. I really like the energy of the team. Kane ma’am should also be mentioned, I liked the love with which she speaks to the patient. After the surgery came the chemotherapy. I met the next team then, Chetan Deshmukh Sir is another gem f the team. He speaks absolutely clearly to the point without any ambiguity. He knows exactly wht he needs to do and with a lot of confidence. I really like his humour. It is so impromptu. George is the one who makes you feel at home. He is fantastic, available for answering as many calls and at any time. His confidence and knowledge is too good. His personal touch with everyone is noteworthy. He makes sure all the women in the day care are well looked after and each one is made to feel at home. Without him I do not know I would have passed the chemo treatment. I don’t know how many like chemo treatment but I was looking forward to going to the chemotherapy. It was like a picnic and the place felt like a small family get together. I am still undergoing chemotherapy on a weekly basis. In the OPD section, Rebecca is very sweet lady. I adore her love, affection, patience and sweetness. She is a darling. Smeeta sister is a lovely girl, very energetic and always willing to answer as many questions we throw on her. Very knowledgeable and is gret at her work. She removed my drain so well, I did not feel a thing. She is very dedicated to her work and knows her stuff very well. She plns everything meticulously. She is a sweetheart. Vandana is also a sweet girl. Always smiling and guiding me well so that I can meet Sir at the right time. Rashami ma’am is a sweet lady to speak to. Always smiling. Ruth ma’am is also a sweet girl. Not to forget the ‘watchman uncle’. He never forgets to smile whenever you come. I was always the first one to reach for chemo. He would never make me wait. He would open the unit for me. I am so blessed to be a part of ‘Prashanti Cancer Care Mission’ and ‘Orchid Centre’. The whole team has made my journey with cancer easier than I could expect and I am gratefeul and thankful to each and everyone from the bottom of my heart. I will be more than happy to help in any way I can. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

The Day-1, when I was detected with Cancer, I got very scared. With hopes, on of my friend suggested Dr. Koppiker’s name for treatment under him. Dr. Koppiker and his staff and the team is just excellent. I thank all of them for giving me such a wonderful treatment during this tough period. Very nice facility and now, I am so happy to have a family like this. Special thanks to George for his work. Salute to all.

Mrs. Meena Mehta
Mrs. Savita M Waghmare

I would like to thank all the people from Orchid Breast Health for supporting us right from the beginning. This is the second time we detected breast cancer and they have been generous and helpful through every side of the treatment. Specially, George and Dr. Deshmukh Sir. I wish them all the best and will always be in their debt for helping us.

Right from the day of our first visit at Orchids, surprised to see the entire staff very supportive and cooperative. The fear of surgery/ treatment/ therapy, which we had in the initial stage could overcome easily. Dr. Koppiker, was very supportive, specially like to thank, Ms. Smeeta/ George and other nursing staff. Ms. Smeeta and Mr. George for their timely support.

Mr. Nivanjan
Gauri Damle.

I got detected with breast cancer in September, 2020. I was very scared and shattered with the diagnosis. I met Dr. Koppiker for consultation via a few contacts. The way he counselled patients, the way he supported patients all helped me take my diagnosis in a positive way. He explained the results of each test to me very properly. I was operated in October, 2020. I got treatment for chemotherapy from Dr. Deshmukh. All the staff was very cooperative and very caring, especially Smeeta sister and George

The service that I have received from Orchids Hospital is very excellent. Dr. Koppiker, Dr. Chetan and all the other staff is very friendly. They have explained the procedure in detail. Dr. Koppiker is a very talented doctor. My mother was scared when she came to know that she was detected with breast cancer. Dr. Koppiker & Dr. Deshmukh answered all our queries. I appreciate the entire staff, especially George and Smeeta sister.

Mr. Vijay Yedage
Jharna Shivani

Right from the first visit until the last chemotherapy, everything has been outstanding. The staff at day care has been lovely and very cooperative. Big thank you to Dr. Koppiker, Dr. Deshmukh & Dr. Dhar for their advice and promptness at every stage of the treatment. The team at Radiology has also been very quick and responsive. One thing that I do think could be better is the reception. Time management and communication from them was lacking precision. Many times they were busy discussing workload while patients were at day care. Overall, however, everything has been great. George and Smita have been phenomenal. Can’t thank them enough.

Service from all staff is very good. They are all very polite and helpful. Vandana has given very positive vibes always and George also was very calming while giving chemo. Dr. Koppiker is very friendly and helpful

J. Tharani
Anil Kolhe

My father Anil Kolhe had undergone colon cancer operation (Hemicolectomy) in Jehangir Hospital. Druing earlier screening we had approached Orchid Clinic as per recommendation of our relative Dr. Sherkar. We found Orchid Clinic very supportive and caring. All support staff is very good at patient handling. Dr. Koppiker is like God for us. He built confidence in my father to fight cancer. He and the staff have always supported us. They had attended all calls even during emergency very well. Dr. Chetan Deshmukh is very good and experienced in the field of Medicine. I would specially like to thank Smita Madam and George Sir for their support and help during chemotherapy session. Thank you for support and help.

Since the first day I stepped into Orchids, I have not had a single negative experience. Dr. Koppiker is the finest of the doctors and the guidance he provides is absolutely reassuring and secure. Special thanks to Dr. Chetan Deshmukh for being an absolute “Task Master’ by attending all my call at odd hours as well. The response time is amazing and I know I am in safe hands. 3 cheers for brother George for making the daycare feel like home and being very very patient, friendly, polite. Sister Smita, Sister Ruth “God Bless You”

Shweta Kalanikar
Rakshinda Ansari

I don't think of myself as a survivor, but instead as a winner.
When I was detected with breast cancer, I was devastated, but it was a wake up call where I realized that if I recovered I have to lead my life to the fullest, discover my potential, make real what I only dreamt of until then.
Luckily for me, I was in the care of a compassionate doctor and his team. After my surgery, chemo and radiation, I lost no time in turning my passion into a profession.

As I also wanted other women to be as fortunate as I have been, I joined Prashanti Cancer Care Mission to spread breast cancer awareness. I have made loads of friends via this platform that has filled my life with positivity and purpose.

Being a trained pastry chef, I went from a housewife to entrepreneur when I launched XOXO Desserts. The goal was to put my New York training into good use and add joy to people’s celebrations.

Besides baking, I got into physical activities, touched base with loads of old friends and let them know what they meant to me.
Now I look at every situation in a non-judgmental way and empathize with people.

An incredible life altering journey over the last five years has made me appreciate life - I am not a victim to cancer. I have won over cancer... and over my life. I am a true winner.

It was a frightening and a life altering day in the June of 2010 when I was told that I had breast cancer. Dr. Koppiker systematically laid out the procedure of treatment that would follow, and assured me that we had caught the cancer at an early stage. This had happened because I was aware of a change in my body and I did not delay my visit to a specialist. I was comforted to know that I was in very good hands and was being treated by one of the best in the field. With that assurance, a positive mindset and an unwavering family support, I went through the surgery and many rounds of chemotherapy.


It was tough, but through it all I managed to keep a very positive outlook and as far as possible to lead a normal lifestyle. At the one year anniversary of being cancer free, I decided to mark my victory by getting really fit and running a full marathon. I trained really hard and ran the 42 kms marathon successfully. Fitness and health became, and still are, of paramount priority in my life. I want to thank Dr. Koppiker and his team for being my constant companions through this amazing journey.


When I discovered a breast lump, I thought that it could be because of clogging of the milk as it had happened earlier while breastfeeding my child. But on examination, my doctor advised me to go for a sonography to investigate it further. However, after my husband’s death, I had 2 children and my mother-in-law to take care of and our financial condition was not good. I borrowed money from others for my sonography and after looking at the report I was told that the lump looked serious. Since they knew my financial condition, I was advised to meet Dr. Koppiker for further treatment. At the clinic, all my investigations including mammography, sonomammography and biopsy were conducted free of cost. When I was told that I am suffering from cancer, I was deeply disturbed and confused about my future.

I knew I would not be able to afford the treatment and at the same time, I had a family to take care of. But because of Dr. Koppiker, the expenses of my surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were taken care of. Sir is just like a God to me and it is because of him that I recovered soon. After my treatment, Laleh Madam hired me as a staff at Prashanti Cancer Care Mission. Not only did I get my health and my life back, but today I am able to support my family financially and emotionally because of Sir and Madam. I will be forever indebted to both of them.

I was diagnosed with 4th stage metastatic breast cancer in May 2015. During the initial shock and panic, I got myself admitted to another hospital in Pune where the doctors insisted I should go in for a port and aggressive chemotherapy without waiting for the full biopsy results. I checked myself out and came to Dr. Koppiker for a second opinion. What an emotional relief I got by his calming words. He said, ‘There is urgency, but no emergency! Let all test results come. Take your time, get other opinions if you wish to and start when you are ready’.


When the treatment protocol was finalized, I visited a few other hospitals before deciding to have the chemotherapy at Orchid’s. Dr. Koppiker’s and Dr. Deshmukh’s presence was a big factor of course, but the ‘non-hospital’ ambiance, the cheerful and friendly staff and the super efficient, deft-handed Brother George tipped the balance irrevocably in Orchid’s favour. I am glad about the decision! The day care administration of the chemotherapy on a comfortable recliner goes like a breeze. Today is the 38th IV administration of my chemotherapy and that too without having to use a port!


Every single day I am thankful that I have Dr. Koppiker in my life. According to me he is 'God' on earth, and Laleh an 'Angel' on earth. I couldn't think of a better doctor to be with and the entire team at ‘Orchid’s Breast Clinic’. It feels like you are a part of their family in their care.

I have encouraged my friends and family to go at ‘Orchid’s’ for an evaluation because I trust Dr. Koppiker 100%! Dr. Koppiker's positive approach and care has made me feel that cancer is a temporary disease. It is curable and I am going to be o.k. I had stage III ovarian cancer and I beat it and am now leading a happy, cancer free life. All this was possible only and only because of Dr. Koppiker and his team!” “For me, Doctor is God...helped beat stage III cancer.

Mina Lagade

I am Mina Lagade, a cancer survivor. I come from a lower middle-class family and I also suffer from a hearing disability. My husband too is handicapped and it is my elder daughter who looks after our family now. Dr. Koppiker and Laleh Ma’am helped me in my fight against cancer. I look at them as my God. They gave me a lot of support and financial aid. It was a relief when he operated on me for no cost.

I am Gracy Kunjumon. I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with a breast cancer which led me into depression and more fear. Laleh Ma’am and Koppiker Sir helped me financially. They helped me get free medication throughout my hormone therapy which was for about five years. I am grateful for their help and support.

Gracy Kunjumon

Salima Shaikh

My name is Salima Shaikh. I am suffering from cancer, a life-threatening disease. I belong to a middle-class family. I have undergone the entire treatment once before it recurred recently. I had lost all hopes when I realised that I had depleted all my savings during my first cycle of treatment. Dr. Koppiker, helped me get free medication for my entire treatment and relieved me of the financial burden. Laleh Ma’am was a strong support throughout which helped me in my fight against cancer.

I am Payal Jain, a cancer survivor. I come from a lower middle-class family and I also suffer from a hearing disability. My husband too is handicapped and it is my elder daughter who looks after our family now. Dr. Koppiker and Laleh Ma’am helped me in my fight against cancer. I look at them as my God. They gave me a lot of support and financial aid. It was a relief when he operated on me for no cost.

Payal Jain

Aruna Sonigara

I am Aruna Sonigara. I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with a breast cancer which led me into depression and more fear. Laleh Ma’am and Koppiker Sir helped me financially. They helped me get free medication throughout my hormone therapy which was for about five years. I am grateful for their help and support.

My name is Sadhana Badre. I am suffering from cancer, a life-threatening disease. I belong to a middle-class family. I have undergone the entire treatment once before it recurred recently. I had lost all hopes when I realised that I had depleted all my savings during my first cycle of treatment. Dr. Koppiker, helped me get free medication for my entire treatment and relieved me of the financial burden. Laleh Ma’am was a strong support throughout which helped me in my fight against cancer.

Sadhana Badre

Tahira Faruqui

I am Tahira Faruqui and I am a cancer patient. Laleh Ma’am and Dr. Koppiker have helped me financially by giving me major concessions in my treatment. I had lost all hopes when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. But Dr. Koppiker and the entire staff treated me really well. I personally want to thank Dr. Koppiker for being supportive. Prashanti Cancer Care Mission is a great initiative and gives a ray of hope to many to fight against this a life threatening disease.

I am Mrs. Saraswati Suryawanshi. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at Orchids Breast Health. It was a big shock for me to accept this. Me and my family went through a lot of mental and physical pain. I was scared to even undergo any treatment. My decision changed only after I talked to Dr. Koppiker and realised how important it is to undergo the necessary treatment. I would like to thank Dr. Koppiker for his precious time in spite of his busy schedule. I would also like to thank Laleh Ma’am who helped me get free medication. It was a relief as the costs of the treatment are very high.

Saraswati Suryawanshi

Dr. Pranjali Sheth

Firstly when we came to know about my mom's condition (she is a case of right breast carcinoma) she was totally lost. Body and mind both were out of control. But we came to know about Orchid Breast Health. There were many 'Dilemas' related to disease. After meeting respected Dr. Koppiker sir and all staff here all our doubts and queries were cleared. The way sir all and staff here responded to our queries gave us all family members a feeling of relaxation. Treatment, care for patients, proper techniques of handling patient with their condition, counselling patients and their relatives, receiving patients call and making adjustments accordingly all go here very smoothly. Utmost attention is paid to each and every patient. The Day care, the place where chemotherapy is being done, all is systematically kept and taken care of. Thanks to Orchid Breast Health for all such facilities and care.

My name is Priyanka Vitkar. PCCM had organised health camp in which they conducted breast examination at our place. They checked every woman and called few women in their clinic who had some problems. They have done sonomammography without charging anything. Thanks to their initiative that we now realise the importance of these tests and self-breast examination. It has helped us understand the importance and seriousness of a lump in our body which we earlier assumed to be normal. As much as they educated us, they also provided free testing for these women.

Priyanka Vitkar

Archana Gade

My name is Archana Gade. I am working as traffic Police. PCCM had organised a health camp at Yerwada. In that camp one lump was found in my breast when they checked me. They called me at their clinic and they did my sonography free of cost. The staff is very cooperative and understands the issues that women like us face. They are running very good project and I am requesting women to get themselves checked.

I am Lata Babar. I am working at ASHA. At Bavdhan PHC Prashanti Cancer Care Mission conducted a Breast Cancer Screening Camp. The information given by the team of Prashanti was very useful. They told us the symptoms of the breast cancer. Also, we got the information about the treatment and the diagnosis of breast cancer. They also trained us for self-breast examination. From the session we got the knowledge of the precaution to keep the cancer away and also the care after the cancer. All the ASHA members and workers present for the camp got the information and they were tested by the Prashanti team and all of us liked this camp very much.

Lata Babar

Sunita Kadam

I am Sunita Kadam, from Bavdhan PHC, Satara. Prashanti organised a camp for our workers to educate us about breast cancer and self-breast examination techniques. The members attending this camp were tested by the Prashanti volunteers and individuals with abnormalities were called to the Orchids Breast Health Clinic for further screening. During this testing, I was found to have a watery discharge from my nipple which had to be further investigated. I underwent sonomammography at the centre free of cost. I was also counselled for my reports which helped me.

160 ASHA got the benefit of the Breast Cancer Screening Camp conducted by Prashanti Cancer Care Mission. The team of Prashanti did the breast examination for all ASHA members and also educated them to do it by themselves at equal intervals. Five women had some abnormal symptoms and Prashanti screened them by further tests free of cost. The team of Prashanti had a very interactive session with our workers and delivered the information in very simple language. They are working towards creating awareness in women which can help women identify abnormalities. These women can then approach Orchids Breast Health Centre for further tests.

Medical Officer, ASHA

Varsha Konghe

I am Varsha Nitin Konghe, 35-year-old and I would like to share a few words about the hospital and the team. I have been a breast cancer patient and I was operated by Dr. Koppiker in August 2019. Since, then I have been closely associated with the clinic and its team. Dr. Koppiker, I believe is a great personality. Dr. Deshmukh, who designed my chemotherapy treatment has also been a great doctor to me. George brother who is in charge of the day care at PCCM has been an excellent support with a lot of help, assistance from the other staff members. The team is very friendly and co-operative with everyone and they have helped me deal with this journey better than I thought I could.

My name is Aliya Inamdar. I am diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a big shock for me and my family. It was more of a mental pain than a physical pain which scared me to even take the required treatment. Meeting Dr. Koppiker helped me accept the reality and also convinced me to undergo the treatment. I personally want to thank Laleh Ma’am and Dr. Koppiker for being such a great support and an advisor and counsellor during the course of my disease.

Aliya Inamdar

Nirmala Patil

My cancer diagnosis had left me scared and felt like every day was going to be my last day. Dr. Koppiker gave me the confidence and support to be strong and performed the breast reconstruction surgery on me in 2018. I will forever be grateful to him and the staff that served me during my most difficult phase.

My name is Sheetal Hole. I am thankful to Orchids specially Dr. Koppiker and the whole staff at Orchids. They have been extremely supportive and caring throughout my treatment. Laleh ma’am has not only provided my financial aid but has also been my strongest support system since my first day. I would like to thank all of them for the exceptional care they have shown. I wish them all the best for the work they are doing.

Sheetal Hole

Sabra Khatun

My name is Sabra. Since my breast cancer diagnosis, Orchids has been my support and go-to place as I come from an economically lower background. Laleh ma’am and Dr. Koppiker have provided me free treatment and I am grateful to have met such kind hearted people here. I would also like to thank the staff and the team who provided me the treatment and medications with so much care.

I am Mrs. Pratibha Botkulwar and I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I would like to thank Dr. Koppiker and his team for my treatment. I am grateful to Laleh Ma’am for the financial help and the moral support that she has given me since the beginning of this fight. It was a relief as the costs of the treatment are very high.

Pratibha Botkulwar

Alka Kapoor

My name is Alka Kapoor. I am a cancer survivor and I belong to a financially poor family. I was depressed when I got diagnosed with cancer. But Dr. Koppiker and Laleh Ma’am provided me some financial aid. They became the angels for me and my family since the day I met them. Dr. Koppiker’s expertise helped me cope up with the treatment protocols. The clinical staff was very helpful during my visits to the clinic and I would like to thank all of them for their support.

I am Mrs. Ulka Kolte. I am diagnosed with breast cancer and I am glad I approached Dr. Koppiker for my treatment. He has been an amazing doctor to me and my family in these tough times. Laleh Ma’am helped me get concession in my treatment. The staff and Laleh Ma’am stood by me like a family and provided me moral support. I am grateful to have met such kind-hearted people.

Ulka Kolte

Kamini Sood

I would like to share my personal experience at Orchids Breast Health Clinic after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The clinic is very clean and hygienic which is extremely important especially during the pandemic. The staff is extremely polite and helpful. Special thanks to George brother who takes care of the Day care chemotherapy unit. He is friendly, patient and very efficient at his work. During my treatment here, my suggestions were very well taken and were implemented at the earliest. I have had a pleasant experience and would highly encourage patients with breast cancer to approach the experts like Dr. Koppiker.

My name is Kavita Patil and I am a cancer survivor. Dr. Koppiker has been my treating doctor since I was diagnosed with cancer. The entire staff is very co-operative and the facility is also very good. Overall environment that is maintained at the clinic is very comfortable for the patients. Laleh Ma’am, Dr. Koppiker, Dr. Chetan are all very friendly. We will definitely refer our close ones to Dr. Koppiker in the future as he assures a happy environment and treatment here. May God bless them for the wonderful work they are doing for many more decades.

Kavita Patil

Dimple Bhatia

Our experience at the clinic was very good. The doctors and the staff is very helpful and co-operative. On the suggestion side, I would like to mention that the appointment schedules can be better managed by taking into consideration the time required for examinations and procedures that might be undertaken during the appointments.

I am Manisha Ketkar and I recently finished my last Chemotherapy. I am relieved as the bad patch has finally ended. It is because of the team at the clinic that I feel light and free today. Dr. Koppiker is filled with a positive energy gave me assurance of my well-being. Dr. Chetan’s chemotherapy treatment was also excellent. George brother, in charge of the Day Care made it possible for me to complete my chemotherapy. Rupali and Smeeta were extremely caring and positive throughout my treatment here. I am also grateful to my family and dear ones who helped me fight this battle. No words can be enough to thank them all. I seek all of your blessings as I walk ahead.

Manisha Ketkar

Jayateerth Kakhandki

I am Jayateerth Kakhandki and my mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I am thankful to Orchids Breast Health Clinic as they are doing a great job. I believe they are one of the best in their field. The trained staff and doctors have provided us with world class treatment. It is because of their expertise that my mother is recovering well. I would definitely recommend my acquaintances and dear ones to approach the clinic whenever necessary.

My name is Varsha Konghe. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019. My entire family is thankful to Dr. Koppiker and his team for being with us throughout this difficult journey. Free medication was arranged for me by Dr. Koppiker and Laleh ma’am and it was a huge relief for us.

Varsha Konghe

Nandita Kale

My name is Nandita Kale. I was very depressed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Koppiker helped me understand the importance of taking the right treatment for the type of cancer I was diagnosed with. Laleh ma’am and her team were strongest support in addition to the financial help they provided. The staff is friendly and co-operative.

I am Jai Chinchane. I had an overall satisfactory experience at Orchids Breast Health during my treatment. The staff is co-operative, supportive and friendly. The feeling is like being at home which helps comfort the patients.

Jai Chinchane

Vaishali Gaikwad

My name is Mrs. Vaishali Gaikwad. I am suffering from breast cancer and have started my treatment in the clinic. I want to thank Dr. Koppiker and Laleh Ma’am for their exceptional support for my treatment. They have helped me get my medications for the chemotherapy at a subsidised rate. This has been a great relief for me and my family.

My name is Badrunisa Shaikh and I am a cancer survivor. Dr. Koppiker and Laleh Ma’am have helped me to get free treatment at their clinic. I belong to a family where we could not afford my cancer treatment and the freeship I have received has enabled me to get treated. I am thankful to all the staff for being supportive. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the team for being there for us as a family.

Badrunisa Shaikh

Sangeeta Bhandari

I am Mrs. Sangeeta Bhandari. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and this news came as a shock to me. The treatment was unaffordable for me and the financial burden was far more troublesome than the actual disease. However, Dr. Koppiker and Laleh Ma’am helped me financially by offering me free treatment. I feel lucky to have met them and their entire team. The staff, during my treatment was extremely friendly and supportive. Everyone at the clinic could empathize with us which gave us a moral support when I received my treatment.

I was feeling a lump in my right breast which is when my family friend referred me to Dr. Koppiker. I came for a primary check-up here. I was recommended mammography and sonography. I was anxious but Ms. Rashmi, working at Orchids Breast Health Clinic was very helpful and made me very comfortable. I was further advised biopsy to remove the lump. The biopsy report confirmed the diagnosis of breast cancer. I underwent surgery and treatment as per Dr. Koppiker’s advice. He has been like a life saver for me. I sincerely thank Dr. Koppiker and the staff at Orchids for all the support, love and care they have offered towards me and other patients.

Mariya Jariwala

Roziena Dias

My name is Roziena Dias and I am diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a big shock for me to accept this reality. I experience a severe mental distress than the physical pain which got me scared to approach any treatment. But after meeting Dr. Koppiker, I am convinced to undergo treatment. I personally want to thank Dr. Koppiker and Laleh Ma’am for giving me time in spite of their busy schedules. The fact that they make time for each and every patient is worth acknowledging.

My name is Rajshri Sonawane. I am thankful to Prashanti and specifically Dr. Koppiker and Laleh ma’am. They are extremely supportive and have always been very caring towards the patients. I am diagnosed with breast cancer and have received financial aid and freeship for my hormonal therapy through Prashanti. I would like to thank Laleh ma’am for being considerate of my condition and for helping me through these tough times.

Rajshri Sonawane

Meera Agarwal

I am a 56-year-old, residing in Bangalore. I was diagnosed with a BRCA positive pathogenic mutation. According to the recommendation, I underwent bilateral mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction. Keeping in mind the pandemic situation, I decided to have a video call with Dr. Koppiker. I was very happy and comfortable talking to him about my condition. I then travelled to Pune for my surgery. According to my BRCA positive status, I was also recommended oophorectomy and Dr. Koppiker suggested an open surgery for oophorectomy. Dr. Koppiker explained me the procedure and was extremely patient to solve my queries. I would also like to thank Dr. Dhar from Jehangir hospital. The Orchids staff was wonderful and supportive through my follow ups. I cannot thank Dr. Koppiker enough for giving me a chance to lead a second full life.

I am Sunanda Ghatpande. I have taken my chemotherapy treatment at Orchids Breast Health Clinic. I had a very good experience with the presence of expert nurses. The atmosphere in the day care facility was always very peaceful. Also, the staff at Orchids is very helpful and cooperative.

Sunanda Ghatpande

Kasturbai Karbhari

My name is Kasturbai Karbhari. I am diagnosed with breast cancer which came as a big shock to me and my family. The mental distress overtook my physical pain on days, making it impossible for me to cope up with the disease. Dr. Koppiker and Laleh Ma’am supported me and helped me get the best of the treatments here. They also provided me financial support through freeship and concessions for my treatment.

My name is Vrushali Paithankar. The news of cancer was devastating for me and my family. Coming from a middle-class family, the treatment costs started worrying me post my diagnosis. However, Dr. Koppiker and Laleh Ma’am helped me financially through free medications. They have given me a ray of hope and strength to survive the disease.

Vrushali Paithankar