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Oncoplastic breast surgery

One major focus at Orchids is Breast Oncoplastic Surgery, which combines the principles of Breast Cancer surgery as well as aesthetic surgery.

All over the world, the gold standard of protocol for Breast Cancer is to avoid total Mastectomy in patients using conservative techniques along with plastic surgery. Dr. CB Koppiker is one of the pioneers and fathers of Breast Oncoplasty in India and has performed the largest number in the country. He is an international expert invited now on many global forums to perform surgeries, where he has used innovative and cost-effective methods.

He has done the largest number of breast surgeries in the country; he has performed more than 2000 breast surgeries till date inclusive of more than 700 oncoplastic surgeries, above 200 breast reconstructions and above 750 sentinal node excisions.

While this surgery definitely has aesthetic benefits, it is completely safe with respect to removal of the cancerous tissue as well, and has virtually no severe complications.The patient is sent home in one night.Even the nipple-areola region can be saved in most of the surgeries, allowing the breast to look just as it had before the surgery. And the patient does not have to worry about her breast’s appearance as she ages either- it would still remain intact, since the implant reconstruction ensures that it does not sag. Aside from demonstrating improved survival outcomes and improved treatment success rates, this technique also shows plunging rates of depression among women. The patients are happier, not only with the way their breasts look, but also with the fact that they are alive and unharmed, with no complications. They are also happy that they do not have to stay in the hospital for long, and that they overcome their ordeal with a shorter recovery time.


(Mastectomy + Breast Reconstruction with an expandable/adjustable implant)

An additional advantage that makes this technique desirable to many patients is the fact that the women have an active say in choosing the correct size and shape of their breasts. This makes them feel less like patients, and more involved in deciding the fate of their breasts, thus making them empowered and in control of certain aspects of this ill-fated disease. The silicone prosthesis available today is compact, cohesive and safe. Adjustable breast implants are available, which allow the surgeons to modify the size of the breast post-operatively. These adjustable breast implants placed under the breast, have silicone and an adjustable chamber of saline, through which the size can be adjusted after the surgery.

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery’ can be a boon to women who require a mastectomy, or breast removal surgery. Patients needing a mastectomy are given an immediate reconstruction with such finesse, that the breasts look better, and the patients, happier. The surgery has also reduced the numbers of mastectomies performed, therefore relieving the patients from the physical problems, breast removal would have otherwise caused. With this surgery, patients do not have shoulder stiffness, massive swelling of the arm or problems with their postures, as can be seen because of mastectomy. There are many women, whose breasts have drooped after 40. The surgery gives them better looking breasts.


(Combining Breast Reduction and reshaping with tumor removal)

The technique is also instrumental in addressing issues related to the psyche of the patient’s partner. It assures the partner, that his spouse would look just the same as before, or even better. This boosts the partner’s confidence, making him supportive and encouraging of his better half, therefore, having a positive impact on the patient. It has shown to reduce marital problems as well. It can be used as a risk-reducing strategy, for preventing cancer risk in asymptomatic women with a strong family history. In June 2015, a research study was conducted on 150 operated patients from Orchids Breast Health Clinic, and 93% patients reported to having a high level of satisfaction.

Given the increased acceptance of Breast Oncoplasty in the medical community as well as Breast Cancer patients, a need for formalised flagship program for breast surgeons has been idenitified. Dr. Koppiker and the University of East Anglia at UK have started a 3 years Masters in Breast Oncoplasty degree program for aspiring Breast Oncoplastic surgeons.

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery’ has multi-faceted positive impacts and advantages. It kills two birds with one stone- the patient loses cancer while gaining new breasts, and a more satisfied sense of self.