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Orchids has an in-house onco-pharmacy where patients can avail all chemotherapy drugs. Drugs at our pharmacy are either given free of cost or with heavy concession to patients I need. Thousands of patients have availed this facility which has proven to be of great help. Orchids offers free home delivery of drugs. Please contact 020 25650269 or 020 25656110 for the same. The onco-pharmacy is open from 10 am to 6 pm.


I was diagnosed with Right Breast Cancer and it was a very shocking news for me and my entire family as well. But Orchids gave me hope for my treatment and survival. Dr. Koppiker and Laleh Ma’am helped me cope up mentally as well as financially. I was given a freeship of medicines during my chemotherapy treatment, for which, I am very thankful to the doctor.


I am a cancer survivor, staying in Beed. I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. It was a very difficult news for me to digest since I belong to a middle class family. The cost of the treatment was more troublesome than the disease itself. But Orchids gave me a ray of hope for my treatment and survival. Free treatment of medicines helped me financially. I am grateful to everyone at Orchids for supporting me like a family. I owe my sincere thanks to Dr. Koppiker and all the staff members.