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Chemotherapy is the kind of treatment where drugs or medicines are introduced in the body, which are toxic enough to kill the tumour cells. These drugs are given on saline over a period of 3-4 hours.

Chemotherapy has developed over time to become a much smoother process with minimal side effects. Earlier, nausea was a recurring problem and patients would vomit frequently. Now, however, patients rarely experience nausea. Heavily discomforting side-effects like burning pain or infections have completely stopped.

There remain certain side-effects like occasional reduced blood count, amenorrhea, or other irregularities in menstruation.The chemotherapy needs to be administered in an extremely clean, friendly and positive environment in a day care facility.Chemotherapy is given in cycles and each treatment cycle is followed by a recovery period.

Chemotherapy can be given:

  • before surgery in cases when cancer size has to be reduced for surgery or
  • after surgery (Adjuvant Therapy) to improve survival outcomes.