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Breast Lumpectomy

Many Cancers of the Breast are cured by a simple excision of the tumour with a healthy margin all aound. This is checked with a “frozen section” on table by a Pathologist to confirm that there is a good clearance of the tumour. Often this excision is accompanied by simple rotation of the surrounding Breast tissue to give a good cosmetic result. Sometimes a more complex Breast Oncoplastic procedure ay be required for the needful.

Breast Reconstruction

It is our belief at Prashanti Cancer Mission that no woman should lose her Breast to Cancer. Often we are forced to resort to a Mastectomy for various reasons. We counsel and offer such patients immediate Breast reconstruction. This may be in the form of a “Muscle flap” borrowed from the back or a Breast implant or occasionally both. Depending on the size of the tumour  in the overall background of the Patients build and structure , this decision is taken. The other advantage of immediate Breast reconstruction is that ,both excision and reconstruction can be achieved in a single sitting with minimum psychological stress to the patient.

Bilateral Mastectomy  and Preventive Mastectomy

Often women present with tumors in both the breasts which require Mastectomy on both the sides. It is our endeavor to reconstruct the breasts on both the sides with either Muscle Flap or Implants or both as the case may be. In a few instances some patients or their family members suffer from a very rare but definite “Familial Breast Cancer”. If the genetic analysis in these predisposed patients indicates impending risk of Cancer ,we can offer a “prophylactic Mastectomy on one or both sides “ and reduce the risk of developing a Cancer by upto 97% . Such patients will also be given the option of immediate Breast reconstruction for all the reasons mentioned above.