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Nursing Team

About 1000-1500 Breast Cancer patients are treated in the Chemotherapy Day Care at Orchids. The team members responsible for the smooth and excellent functioning of the Day Care are:


Diploma in Nursing

George Brother is in-charge of chemotherapy day care unit at Orchids. He has eight years of experience in oncology nursing, particularly in chemotherapy. He is well experienced and skilled with chemotherapy administration, lymphapress therapy, handling cytotoxic drugs, IV cannulation, among others. George Brother is reputed for his rapport with the cancer patients. He has a good relationship with them, and treats every single patient with tremendous care and attention. He encourages patients to communicate with each other, pushes them to be outspoken, resolves their issues by giving the right advice and guides them with care through chemotherapy. Many patients and their families have expressed their gratitude towards George Brother, applauding him for his capability and professionalism through the difficult times, and thanking him for the love, confidence, care and attention he has showered them with.


B.Sc. Nursing, Staff Nurse and Research Coordinator

As a multitasker, Smeeta Sister is responsible for patient care while being involved with clinical research activities. She coordinates the clinical data with the research team, such as the patient’s family history, their reports, their investigation records, among others. She assists Dr. Koppiker clinically, and handles all the procedures with expertise and care. She also assists him with respect to the patients- counseling them, preparing them for surgery, guiding them throughout the process, answering their queries. Smeeta Sister is adept in treating the patients with care, patience, encouragement and positivity. She guides them throughout their treatment, motivating them to show courage during procedures, and shares stories and examples to pacify them. She builds trust with the patients and gets them to open up, making them believe that they aren’t alone.


ANM, Staff Nurse

Mangal Sister is responsible for patient care and assistance at the clinic. She updates information regarding every new patient in the clinic, with respect to their past medical history, demography, and other records. She assists Dr. Koppiker with various techniques such as mammography, ABVS, VAB biopsy, trucut biopsy etc. She believes in providing compassionate care for maximum patient comfort. She knows that cancer, as a disease, would make the patient depressed. She strives hard to get the patient out of depression, with guidance, counseling, encouragement, understanding and tenderness.


Deepali works at Orchids on the CBE (Clinical Breast Examination) Project. She works towards spreading awareness about Breast Cancer to women from all strata of the society, in the regional language. She is trained in conducting CBE proficiently, free of cost, for the women. Aside from that, she is even involved in giving free guidance regarding the disease to women. If any signs and symptoms are found during CBE, then she calls the women to Orchids and depending on their age, the further diagnosis is done. If the woman is below 40 years of age, sonomammography is carried out, while if she is above 40 years of age, mammography is conducted. She has completed her post graduation and has 10 years of experience of working in an NGO.



B.Sc. Medical Radiography Senior Radio-technician

Rashmi’s 13 years of experience shows in her skills in imaging and patient care alike. Her experience in mammography goes a long way in ensuring a pain-free experience for the patients. She counsels the patients during mammography and encourages them to be brave during the procedure. She has a tremendous zeal for life, and inspires the patients to be positive as well. She puts patient care at the forefront of her work, and deals with them with kindness and consideration..



B.Sc. Psychology, M.Sc. Counselling and Educational Psychology Head - Counselling Services

Chaula offers counselling services to cancer patients and their caregivers at the clinic. She also offers onco-counselling training through a formal course at Orchids. She believes that counselling is one of the most pivotal things for a patient and his/her family, and it should not be neglected. With counselling, she ensures that the patients and their caregivers feel better in their troubled times, and that they become more open and positive. She guides them through every phase of the cancer, and sees to it that they don’t suffer from depression. She is of the firm opinion, that sharing is caring, and with her educational training and a calm demeanour, she certainly makes patients outspoken, and even smile.



Nutritionist and Food Journalist

Rita has been providing nutritional guidance to the patients in the clinic as well as at Orchid’s Chemotherapy day care Unit. Rita has authored What’s for Lunch- a book that outlines the relation between food and health. She has written several articles pertaining to food and nutrition for Sakaal Times. She is also a nutritionist to Olympic bronze medal winner, Gagan Narang. She makes sure that every patient follows the diet that she has given and sticks to it, even when she isn’t around. She strongly promotes good nutritional habits and believes that the right diet can go a long way in ensuring less disease risk.